The plastic material: production and uses

The plastic material can be made in different formats, lending itself to use as a PVC covering system, but also being used in DIY. There are many, in any case, variants of this material, which differ in some important qualities such as thickness, dimensions and elasticity.

The sectors of use of the plastic material

The plastic material is used in multiple sectors, based on the use to be made of it. For example it can be used to make roofs and boxes of different sizes, a use made possible thanks to the characteristic elasticity of the material, which offers the possibility of bending the slabs without too much difficulty.

The realization of the plastic material

processio iniezione plastica nella pressa

The realization of the material passes through a melting phase of the plastic, chosen on the basis of some qualities that are desired to be present in the final product. The fusion is made possible through steel molds, positioned below presses capable of performing very intense pressures.

The melted plastic is cooled, subsequently assuming the desired conformation. The next phase sees the polishing and refining of the product, in order to make it homogeneous and easy to use.

The slabs will have a very high level of sturdiness, resulting at the same time flexible, a feature that will prevent them from breaking when they are laid.

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