prodotti in plastica


In more than 10 years Tecnopress s.r.l. has distinguished itself for its impeccable professionalism in the plastic and rubber sector, offering modern and advanced solutions, able to stand out for the advanced technique that is used. Nowadays Tecnopress is a great reality not only in Italy, but also abroad. In its decade of life, the company has become an important reference point thanks to the great experience gained by its staff, but also because of an accurate know-how, as well as for the competence it demonstrates in the definitive resolution of all that the customer She wants.

A great experience in the sector constantly renewed through a continuous updating, a vast selection of tools available to customers and the cordiality and professionalism of the staff always available are the central factors of the activity of Tecnopress, a company that has been active in the sector for over 10 years of plastic, proposing extremely modern solutions for its customers.

Not only a great professionalism in its sector

In fact, Tecnopress has innumerable tools and spare parts for machinery. With us you will be able to give life to any solution you desire, enjoying the offer made by machinery, supports for electrical panels and many valid products not only from a qualitative, but also economic point of view.

The catalog of items available to customers of Tecnopress includes numerous products of the highest quality, in order to satisfy all the needs of its customers. Tecnopress has a sales center in Rome, along via Rescaldina 29, through which it is able to offer its products to customers, including drives for motors, electro-pneumatic panels and compression presses.

supporto tecnico

Press assistance: technical support

The Tecnopress company offers an assistance service able to achieve excellence, made possible thanks to the high level of specialization matured during its years of activity. The assistance concerns injection molding machines for plastic materials, as well as rubbers and elastomers. You can get assistance for injection molding machines for plastic materials.

The tools available to Tecnopress are the exceptional knowledge of the field in which it operates and its flexibility, thanks to which it is able to make changes to products of any brand, fielding the experience gained in the sector thanks to the countless interventions maintenance operations, including both ordinary and less common ones. Tecnopress therefore guarantees any type of maintenance, from ordinary to extraordinary. Customers will be able to get assistance with their injection molding machines for us
plastic materials.

Additional company services

Nowadays, Tecnopress offers its customers advanced services also in the sector concerning the revision, maintenance and sale of machinery for molding plastic materials of any brand, as well as services for the revision of electrical panels with plc , for the assembly of pumps of different capacity and for inverters that achieve energy savings.

All-round assistance makes the product offered by the company ideal for those who need it
assistance for maintenance, overhaul and possible replacement of mechanical parts, as well as hydraulic and electrical parts. Tecnopress intervenes in a fast and timely manner so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible. The company designates itself as the ideal partner for those who are looking for excellent services, carrying out a fast and intelligent service.